Macne PercussionEdit


Macne Percussion (Mac音パーカッション Makune Pākasshon?) was a free app for the iPad. First announced in 2011, it was released in late December 2012. It was also compatible with the iPad 2 and the iPad 3.

The app has two modes:

  • Play Mode (PLAYモード?): an object-catching game. Ten songs made with the Macne software were included.
  • Free Mode (FREEモード?): upload an MP3 and use Macne Nana's voice in percussion mode to add lyrics on top of the sound.

A revised version called MacPaa! (まくぱー!?) was released in late 2013. However, following the dissolution of the contract with Mac Fan, the app was removed from the App Store and is no longer supported on iOS 11 and up.

Macne ClockEdit

Macne Clock
Macne Clock (Mac音Clock?) was a widget for the iPhone and iPod Touch that released in December 2009. It displayed a clock with Macne-themed pictures.[1]


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