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Macne Coco Black
Biographical information
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 161cm (5'3⅖")
3-Sizes B91 W55 H86
Technical information
Release date June 6, 2010
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Macne Coco Black (Mac音ココ[黒] Makune Koko [Kuro]?) is the twin sister of Macne Coco White, and like her sister, her voice is sampled from Kikuko Inoue. Both she and her sister are currently the eldest daughters of the Macne family.


Since they had the same voice provider, it was decided that she would carry the "Macne Coco" name, just as Macne Nana and Macne Petit have the "Nana" naming. The previously released Macne Coco vocal was redubbed "Macne Coco White" and this product was released as "Macne Coco Black", Macne Coco White's twin sister. Macne Coco Black helped establish the growing regards of the Macne vocals as a single family unit with the two Coco sisters being dubbed Macne Nana's elder twin sisters due to their ages and in turn Macne Papa's two eldest daughters.

According to the story of Macne Coco Black's development, Coco Black was originally based on a waitress and different sizes of skirt length and design were explored. They wanted a connection to her "sister" and a similar color scheme was thought up for Coco Black to compliment Coco White's.[1][2]


She easily gets emotional. Compared to her sister White, she loses her temper and cries quite easily. Whereas Coco White runs the general work of the Macne household, Coco Black is incapable of holding responsibilities beyond tasks like selling candy sticks. Coco Black is also the ignorance queen of the Macne household and often puts her looks first.


Macne Coco (Black)[]

Macne Coco Black was released as a variant vocal, but given her own unique character much along the same manner that Nana and Nana Petit were given separate characters to each other. Coco Black's voice is louder and deeper than her twin sister's vocal and designed to sound "cool".

115 units were recorded for her and each sample is 2 seconds long in the scale of C. She was best used for projects in the scales of C, C#, D♭, D, B♭and B.

Like her sister Coco White, she was built only for GarageBand but she also worked with Apple Loops.

Macne Coco (Black); version 2[]

Macne Coco (Black) was removed from market sales. In February 2011 she returned with improved vocals and new boxart.[3]

Her vocal is recorded in the pitch of D4.


  • Her voice is the first of the Macne series to be pulled from sale for improvements.
  • Coco Black likes yuri.[4]
  • The Coco Sisters' voice provider, Kikuko Inoue, later went on to voice the VOCALOID5 products Haruno Sora Cool and Natural, both vaguely resembling Macne Coco Black and White's vocals respectively.[5] Haruno Sora also recieved a VOICEROID2 voicebank.[6]




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