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Macne Papa
Biographical information
Gender Male
Age 40
Height 180cm (5'10⅘")
Technical information
Release date April 30, 2010
Website Character Profile

Original Store (archived)

Macne Papa (Mac音パパ Makune Papa?) is the first – and only – masculine voice for the Macne Series. He is the father of Macne Nana and her siblings. He's voiced by Nakata Jōji.


Macne Papa is the first masculine vocal of the Macne family and was designed as a father character for the other Macnes. A lot of trial and error went into making his design, since Gomoku and Haruna could not decide on what type of look or hairstyle would fit him best.[1]


Macne Papa is a mature, cool, and collective character in comparison with his daughters. According to his profile, he is hardly home and is often flying around the world, but ensures that treasures and parts are sent back home every month from his travels. His line of work is unclear, but when he retires from his work, his clothes and attitude change.


Macne Papa[]

There was a six-day special for Papa's release that was called a "special" voicebank that ran from April 30th to May 5th, 2010. It had Papa's voicebank, but it also included various speech samples recorded by voice actor Nakata Jōji. It was titled "Macne Papa [with limited benefits]" (Mac音パパ【限定特典付き】 Makune Papa [Gentei Tokuten-tsuki]?).

Each sample is two seconds long and done in a D scale, and the pitches can be changed in GarageBand. He works best with C, C#, D♭, D, E♭and E projects. 118 units were recorded for him. As with the Coco twins, his vocals also only covered the GarageBand software, but it did work with Apple Loops.

Macne Papa was removed from sale much the same as the other Macnes were, with the statement that his voice would return with improvements at a later date. However, he has yet to be revived, and as MacFan dissolved its contract with, there will most likely never be a re-release of his voicebank.


  • Having a vocal library made up of 118 sounds, Macne Papa is the voicebank with the largest number of sounds in their library.




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