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Whisper☆Angel Sasayaki
Biographical information
Gender Female
Age ? (looks 15~16)
Height 157cm (5'1⅘")
3-Sizes B73 W53 H83
Technical information
Release date December 2, 2011
Website Character Profile

Sasayaki product page (archived)

Whisper☆Angel Sasayaki (ウィスパー☆エンジェル ささやきさん Wisupā☆Enjeru Sasayaki-san?) is the latest addition to the Macne Series. Her voice is characterized by its breathiness, and is best used in calm, peaceful songs. She is actually Macne Petit, the younger sister of Macne Nana. She is voiced by Ikezawa Haruna.


The Whisper☆Angel Sasayaki voicebank was introduced in 2010.

Unlike past Macne members, Sasayaki does not adopt the family member status and is instead an expansion of Macne Petit's character. Therefore, her overall approach and concept are different from the other Macne members.


Sasayaki is a sweet and angelic child. She has a magic transformation wand from her ancestors and is a transformed version of Macne Petit. Sasayaki also whispers 3,389 times the whisper of a regular person. In her profile, it questions why Petit was given the wand and who this mysterious girl (Sasayaki) is.


Whisper☆Angel Sasayaki-san[]

Whisper☆Angel Sasayaki has a very soft vocal type and is designed for gentle and calm songs. She is the overall quietest of the Macne series vocals. Her samples are recorded in 117 units. The Japanese language was recorded in the 3 scales of D#4/G#4/C#5. Each of her samples is 2-4 seconds long. Included is also a UTAU voicebank and she has 5 breaths as a bonus. She is otherwise just built for GarageBand but also works with Apple Loops.

Her voicebank previously had a free version where one could "Pay with a Tweet". However, this is no longer obtainable following the Macne store closing, and by extension, the removal of all Macne voicebanks. The difference between the full and free version is that she has only one layer (the midrange) instead of the full three layers (low, mid, and high range). Furthermore, the free version only came with two breath types, whereas the full version came with five.[1]


  • Sasayaki was the first new Macne character not directly sold on the act2 website, and was instead sold on
  • She also is sometimes referred to by the names "Macne Sasayaki", "Macne Sasa", or "Macne Nana Whisper" in the UTAU fandom.
  • Sasayaki has an angel theme.
    • There was originally going to be a counterpart with a devil theme, but this was canceled following the abolition of the contract with Mac Fan.
  • Sasayaki translates to "whisper".
  • Petit is able to transform into Sasayaki via a wand bestowed to her by Macne Miku and Myōganokami-sama (ミョウガ神様).[2][3]




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